About Us

Picture of employees of Bob Goertz Auto Left to Right, Darren, Jordan, Joe, Jake, Rodney, Jim, Bob

Darren, Jordan, Joe, Jake, Rodney, Jim, Bob

 …as of 2020

  • Bob Goertz / Wrenched For 51 Years

~(Retired In 2016 / Still Remains President & Owner)

  • Jeannine Goertz / Bookkeeper For 50 Years

~(Bob’s Wife)

  • Joe Goertz / Wrenching For 20 Years / Co-Manager

~(Bob’s Brother)

  • Jim Goertz / Wrenching For 25 Years / Co-Manager

~(Bob’s Son)

  • Darren Goertz / Office Manager & IT / 31 Years

~(Bob’s Son)

  • Jake / Office For 24 Years
  • Rodney Elliott / Wrenching For 50 Years (13 Years Here)
  • Jordan Crites / Wrenching For 6 Years (4 Years Here)


In the beginning...


Bob started repairing vehicles part-time in his garage at home.  After going to the Denver Automotive Institute in 1965 and getting his Master Mechanic diploma, he returned to home in Hutchinson and went to work at Montgomery Wards. Still in his off-hours and weekends he worked on cars at home. In 1970, a partnership was formed with Bud Sewing and they opened a location at 5th & Monroe. They named it Bob & Buds Conoco, a gas station with a few repair bays. The nickname “B&B Auto” stuck and when Bud retired 10 years later, Bob formed a partnership with Bob Loechner who was currently working at the Conoco Station, and they kept the nickname. The location for B&B Auto was then moved to Stevens Street, leaving the gas pumps behind and adding more repair bays. About another 10 years later, the Bobs split, Loechner kept the Stevens Street location and the name, Goertz moved into a garage on West 2nd Avenue by the Hutch News. This time with no partnerships, Bob Goertz Auto was born. As employees were built up, Bob Goertz Auto moved to a better location at 5th & Washington with 6 service bays. This location quickly became too small and in 2000, Bob moved his business to the corner of Sherman & Walnut, now with 10 bays. Bob Goertz Auto is still currently is this building with no plans to relocate. 10 bays has been wonderful and the public lot across the street provides plenty of parking for customers. This location has also been convenient and within walking distance for many of our customers that work downtown. 


Competitive Pricing w/Warranty

Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or a repair service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work. We provide a basic 12,000 mile / 12 month warranty with all of our services and many times depending on where we get our parts from, the warranty is increased to 24,000 mile / 24 month up to 36,000 mile / 36 month warranty.